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Our story

Created in 1977, the "Comptoir Hospitalier Orthopédique et Chirurgical" moved into premises located at the Albasud Business Park in Montauban, France in 1997. CHOC obtained "EN ISO 9001: 2000" / "EN ISO 13485: 2003" certification in 1998.

CHOC excels in many surgical specialisations such as:

  • Foot surgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Implantology

All CHOC products are developed in partnership with surgical teams of a number of hospitals and clinics.

CHOC regularly develops new types of screws for all types of traumatology & osteosynthesis with these teams and more specifically:

  • Self-tapping perforated screws with a choice of thread pitch (PPDA ® screws) and cannulated screws for foot surgery.
  • "4C® Screw" cannulated screws with a choice of thread pitch for hand and foot surgery
  • Conical screws for foot surgery.
  • Snap-off micro screws 1.3mm in diameter and 16 mm long for use in hands and for grafts in implant surgery.

In 2004, a group of Bordeaux surgeons founded the GRECMIP to develop a new type of (minimally invasive) surgery in France: Percutaneous foot surgery which requires specific surgical burs.

CHOC immediately identified the potential of this market and now manufactures and supplies the burs to the whole of the French market.

The same year, CHOC developed with the assistance of our lead consultant surgeon Michel Bénichou, a specialist foot surgeon based in Montpellier, a new minimally invasive surgical technique for osteotomy on the ball of the foot, incorporating a new snap-off screw and cutting guides: the "MISS" screw and then the MISS II screw.

CHOC has a selection of 15 types of screws, each available in 15 to 20 sizes, and a range of surgical burs comprised of 8 models: Long Shannon, short Shannon, Isham Shannon, XL Shannon, Wedge (available in 2 sizes) and Brophy.

In 2011, CHOC developed, in partnership with surgical teams in Toulouse and Marseille, a range of arthrodesis plates (Albatros) and a range of arthrodesis screws (EAGLE) for the mid-foot and hindfoot.

CHOC has developed, in partnership with the Nancy CHU University Hospital (European centre for hand surgery), external fixators including the polycarbonate "FIXADYN".

CHOC has a complete range of water-jet machined titanium plates for use in maxillofacial surgery. Several types of screws can be used in fixing the plates: "cathare" screw, maxillo STD screw, snap-off screw.

For dentistry, CHOC has a range of generic implants and abutments.

Our team

One workshop: 1 production manager and 5 manufacturing staff
Offices: 1 quality manager, 2 logistics staff, 1 packing staff 2 sales staff

Manufacturing equipment

The manufacturing equipment, comprising digitally controlled lathes, a digitally controlled machining centre, milling machines, beads blasting machines, etc., is constantly updated to adapt to new manufacturing techniques. CHOC has all the necessary measuring tools required to carry out full inspection and control of its products (vernier callipers, micrometres and shadowgraph).

CHOC carries out surface treatment of its products in a specific workshop, guaranteeing a constant quality of colour anodising of plates and titanium screws.

CHOC also has a clean room classified 1000 for the packing of products after decontamination and before gamma ray or ethylene oxide sterilisation.