Comptoir Hospitalier Orthopédique et Chirurgical

Condor screw

Product description

Dimensional characteristics

38.87.10 CONDOR screw 10 mm

38.87.12 CONDOR screw 12 mm

38.87.14 CONDOR screw 14 mm

38.87.16 CONDOR screw 16 mm

38.87.18 CONDOR screw 18 mm

38.87.20 CONDOR screw 20 mm

38.87.22 CONDOR screw 22 mm

38.87.24 CONDOR screw 24 mm

38.87.26 CONDOR screw 26 mm

38.87.28 CONDOR screw 28 mm

38.87.30 CONDOR screw 30 mm

38.87.32 CONDOR screw 32 mm

38.87.34 CONDOR screw 24 mm

condor indication

Self-drilling and self-compressing screw
Scarf, chevron, distal and proximal metatarsal and phalangeal osteotomies.

REF 38.87.XX
XX represents the various lengths

  • Condor case

  • 14.10.85 Condor storage case

  • 14.33.14 Graduated measuring strip

  • 14.32.03 Universal handle

  • 14.30.21 Drilled Condor screw blade

  • 14.30.22 Solid Condor screw blade

  • 38.37.19 Condor burr

To ensure traceability, the screws are individually packaged in double blister packs. The first contains the screw and a sterilisation indicator label. The second blister contains the first blister and five traceability stickers with the screw reference, description and batch number. 

The packed screws are then sent to Synergy Health France (MIN des Arnavaux- 13014 MARSEILLE) for sterilisation by gamma radiation according to the  ISO 11137-02, ISO 11737-1, ISO 11737-2, EN 552, EN 556 standards and dose mapping. After sterilisation, SYNERGY HEALTH returns the batch of sterilised screws with a certificate of sterilisation by gamma radiation. 
The screws in the packaging are then labelled. The label includes the description, the reference, the production batch number, the method of sterilisation, the expiry date, the "single use" and "read instructions before use" symbols, the manufacturer's name and address and the CE 1014 markings. 

The screws are packed with a 7 cm 10/10 pin manufactured from ISO 5832-1 standard 316L stainless steel sterilised in the same conditions in boxes identically labelled as previously, and stored in closed cupboards away from direct sunlight.