Comptoir Hospitalier Orthopédique et Chirurgical


Product description

Diasin® and Diasin O'Ring®

The Diasin® is the solution for fixing removable full or partial prostheses.

When waiting for osseointegration of final implants and/or healing of grafted tissue
• Execution of temporary fixed prosthesis.
• Stabilisation of the removable full prosthesis.

In dentofacial orthopedics:
As a tension pillar.

Diasin® eliminates premature loading of final implants under a removable prosthesis.
Diasin® is easy to use and does not require a surgical kit. Diasin® comes with its own ETV and supra structures sterilized in double blister packs with 5 traceability stickers.
Diasin® meets the needs of the patient, who leaves with a fixed prosthesis after a single procedure.