Comptoir Hospitalier Orthopédique et Chirurgical


Product description

Burrs for percutaneous surgery of the foot

Single use instrument comes sterilised in double blister packs with five traceability stickers. All burrs are equipped with a protection collar preventing any blood from coming into contact with the hand pieces. The use of burrs for percutaneous foot surgery provides aesthetic comfort to the patient.

Percutaneous surgery burrs are manufactured from A.P.X. stainless steel (a material specifically designed for surgical instruments). All materials are sourced from ISO 9001 certified suppliers. Each raw material delivery comes with a certificate of origin of the material.

Percutaneous surgery burrs are manufactured in accordance with our "Production" procedures: a manufacturing order is issued by the Production Manager. For each manufacturing order, the Production Manager assigns a four digit batch number. The manufacturing order details all the operations to be carried out on the products. At each stage, various dimensional verifications are carried out by the manufacturing operators and by the Production Manager. All inspection forms are kept with the manufacturing order.

Dimensional characteristics

fraise 01

38.37.01 Short Shannon 2.0 x 8mm


38.37.02 Long Shannon 2.0 x 12mm


38.37.03 Isham Straight Flute Shannon 2 x 12mm


38.37.04 Wedge 3.1 x 13mm


38.37.05 Wedge 4.1 x 13mm


38.37.06 Brophy 5 x 15mm


38.37.07 XL Shannon 2 x 20mm


38.37.08 XXL Shannon 3 x 20mm


2x8mm Short Shannon burr 38.37.01:
Any procedure on the bones of the lesser toes (R2 to R5): claw toe, underlapping toe, clinodactyly, shortening, soft corns.


2x12mm long Shannon burr 38.37.02:
M1 or P1 or more osteotomy (10°)
DMMO: Distal metatarsal minimal invasive osteotomy
Thinning of the metatarsal heads (R2 to R5)


2x12mm Isham Straight Flute Shannon Burr 38.37.03:
First intention M1 or P1 (Akin) osteotomy, neutral-narrow <10° angle correction


3.1x13mm Wedge burr 38.37.04:
Metatarsal osteotomy with medium angle correction (10 to 20°)
Even out and thin a more fragile bone, smoothing in certain cases


4.1x13mm Wedge burr 38.37.05:
M1 or P1 (Akin) osteotomy with wide angle correction (>20°)


5x15mm Brophy burr 38.37.06:
Bone resection, Hallux Rigidus (cheilectomy)


2x20mm XL Shannon burr 38.37.07:
Percutaneous chevron osteotomy with a shortening effect.


XXL Shannon burr 38.37.08
Percutaneous chevron

To ensure traceability, the percutaneous surgery burrs are individually packaged in double blister packs. The first contains the burr and a sterilisation indicator label. The second blister contains the first blister and five traceability stickers with the burr reference, description and batch number.

The products are then sent to Synergy Health France SA for sterilisation by gamma radiation according to the ISO 11137-02, ISO 11737-1, ISO 11737-2, EN 556 standards and dose mapping. After sterilisation, Synergy Health returns the batch of sterilised products with a certificate of sterilisation by gamma radiation.

The burrs in the packaging are then labelled. The label includes the description, the reference, the production batch number, the method of sterilisation, the sterilisation batch number, expiry date, the manufacturer's name (CHOC) and the CE 1014 markings.

The burrs are packed and stored in closed cupboards away from direct sunlight.